During the ABB Formula E over the summer, the MobileShowRoom 54 and two other SupportTrucks traveled to the Julius Bär Zürich E-Prix in Switzerland. On behalf of Porsche AG, STM created an almost-250m² Porsche-themed environment in the E-Village there, right next to the racetrack and Lake Zürich. The challenge on that particular weekend was the extremely short setup time on site – the STM team had just 14 hours to install the environment.

What was special about the event? Exactly 70 years earlier, Porsche had introduced its first automobile in Zurich. To mark the occasion, Porsche introduced its new electric and hybrid models to interested visitors at the Formula E over the weekend.

The combination of the showroom, flooring elements for heavy loads, and the specially fabricated carports for exhibition vehicles created an attention-grabbing stand that was hard to overlook. The design and branding were well harmonized and drew every eye to themselves. Inside the showroom, two race simulators and a virtual reality area provided entertainment. There was also a children’s table with coloring supplies, and freshly ground coffee for the parents.

We are proud and very happy that Porsche put their trust in us for this prestigious event.